The number of fatalities due to traffic crashes worldwide reached 1.35 million in 2016 (WHO, 2018). In Indonesia, death due to traffic crashes is ranked as the eighth cause of premature death (IHME, 2017). Traffic crashes are mostly caused by driver behavior. The main crash contributory factor in Bandung City is the driver being careless when overtaking and speeding (BRSAR, 2018) and related to traffic violations. Driver behavior on the road is very much dependent on the driver’s understanding of the traffic rules. If drivers do not understand the traffic rules, they will be more likely to violate these rules. Road traffic and transportation in Indonesia are regulated in Law No. 22 Year 2009.

This research aims to analyze the public understanding of the Traffic  Law No. 22 Year 2009; to analyze the relationship between the community’s background to the traffic knowledge stipulated in Law No. 22 Year 2009, and to compare the behavior of Left Turn On Red (LTOR)  at signalized intersections with their understanding of LTOR rule. This research is expected to benefit stakeholders by providing a basis for taking measures needed to improve public understanding of the traffic law that may reduce the number of traffic violations and traffic crashes.

HEAD OF TEAM : Dr. Aine Kusumawati, S.T., M.T.

TEAM MEMBERS : Kardina Nawassa Setyo Ayuningtyas, S.T., M.T.
Aini Nur Zahiyah, ST

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